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Organizing and Reminder Apps: Are They Helpful? memory improvement software

A smartphone can prove to be a valuable device in helping you improve your memory. There is many memory improvement software applications that can be downloaded on a smartphone can help you remember your daily schedule and tasks with ease, but that’s not all that these apps can do for your memory. Here’s a list of five applications that can allow you to organize your life and bring about an increase in productivity simply by allowing you to remember your schedule and important information. These applications work in similar fashion to memory training products, something that helps you to develop your own memory skills over time so that you don’t have to rely on the apps to remember details.



This application helps you store everything, on your phone if not necessarily in your mehero_evernotemory.

The application is actually a capture system that allows you to store images, snapshots, music, links, and spreadsheets. For example, you can take a picture of the notes that you have taken during class, or of a to-do list. Each image is not only taggable but searchable. This means that you can find words within the image simply by using the search option. Through this application, users can store various documents and other information that they are afraid that they might otherwise forget.



Many individuals tend to forget the password or login id of their accounts. It’s often necessary to maintain various accounts in order to access different websites. Furthermore, the best security practices suggest that the passwords should be unique and must not be repeated for accounts. It’s also a good idea to change those passwords regularly.
It is often confusing to remember all those passwords, from the PIN code of your ATM card to your Facebook account password.
LastPass is a free application that allows you to store all your passwords in a single location. However, the application is itself secured through a unique password. This simply means that you need to remember one master password instead of a range of passwords.



reQall,  like it name suggests, is an application that allows individuals to recall their daily schedule and work to-do list. Not only does it store the tasks you need to perform but it has a built-in analytical tool can prioritize the tasks in the order of importance.
This application can also organize your daily schedule so that productivity is enhanced. For example, if you have to pick your child from the dance class and also pick up laundry from the dry cleaner, then this application will instruct you on whether it is better to pick up the laundry before or after the dance class. This can minimize your driving, saving you time and money.


Remember the Milk


This application is useful for storing any type of to-do list and helps you to complete your tasks on schedule. Furthermore, you can organize your schedule in accordance too deadline and significance. Lastly, you can search through your notes with ease and make changes accordingly without having to remember the precise date and timing of any particular task.


                                                                                                                                               iProcrastinate Mobile

iprocrastinatemobileThis application is simply a replacement for the planner that you would otherwise have to carry for your daily schedule. This is an easy to use day planner and allows users to manage their tasks by grouping them into categories such as “upcoming,” “due,” and “overdue.” You can also star a group of activities that are deemed to be particularly important,

Lastly, any task can be divided into steps and you can track your progress over a period of time in order to determine how productive you are.

These are just a few apps that can help you remember things. They do not help improve your memory recall directly, but they can reduce the worry of forgetting important stuff. If you would like to check out ways to actually help improve your own memory.

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