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About Easy Memory Improvement - MarkHey there, it’s Mark “MemMaster”. I’m the creator of www.EasyMemoryImprovement 101.com. I am just an ordinary guy who is all about easy memory improvement methods and I want to share this experience with you.

As I get older I’m noticing I can’t seem to recall things as well as I used to.  In my younger years, I believe I had a pretty good memory for most things. I could remember numbers easily and even conversations with great detail days and weeks later. That is no longer the case. I find this frightening as the more I try to recall something, the farther away that memory seems to go!

You, Me and Memory Improvement

So what does this have to do with you, me and this site? I am starting a journey of self-improvement to try and make noticeable improvements in my recall.  As my journey progresses I will be creating a program that will be easy to use as well as fun and valuable.

This website will investigate, report and review the many memory improvement tips and techniques that are available to the public. We also plan to look at a lot of the science of memory and recall. There has been so much new science and studies in just the past 10 years about the brain and how it works there should be no shortage of articles to write.

I plan to investigate some of the claims regarding natural supplements, and other memory enhancing drugs. I am not a medical doctor nor claim to have any science background, but I will try and look at these areas with a layman’s view, but also try and bring to the reports any facts or relevant science that I can find.


As EasyMemoryIpmrovement101.com matures I will be adding more games and recall tests. These items require web programming and coding. This requires time and cost, so please bare with me as we grow.

So please join me in this journey… it will be unforgettable 😉

By the way, has anyone seen my keys?




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