7 Tips To Improve Concentration

improve concentration - pink brain tnMemory and concentration are virtually inseparable. Improve concentration and your memory will improve.

Part of creating memories is the body and mind’s ability to absorb and process information. The faster and more efficiently you can do this the better. The more your brain absorbs, the better chance you have of not only retaining information for short term periods of time but of being able to convert the information into long-term memories.

7 Tips To Improve Concentration

These tips are geared towards helping you to focus and concentrate at a higher level, which in turn will increase your memory.

Improve Attention Span

1) Focus your attention, on what you are trying to learn or remember. For example; when someone is giving you a message, turn your head and look at them and concentrate on what they are saying rather than having half an ear on the TV.


Reduce Distractions

2) Gear your surroundings towards being able to concentrate. If you are trying to read a technical document get in a comfortable chair, get as far away from all other distractions as possible. Turn off the TV, turn off the phone, and make certain that the lighting is good. Focus yourself towards the goal and nothing else.

3) Do not try to read for long, straight periods of time. If you need to, try using a timer. Set the timer for 10 to 15 minutes. When the time is up, sit back and mentally go over exactly what you have read and what it all means. Give your brain a chance to process the information. Think out loud, often saying and hearing it will help to build memories.


Hydration – What to Drink?

4) Drink water, not pop or coffee. When our body gets dehydrated it loses some of its ability to focus.

5) Increase the amount of oxygen going to your brain by standing up and moving around. Try doing some stretches or take a moment and practice deep breathing methods.


Brain Foods – What To Eat?

6) Eat and drinks foods that will feed your brain. Try snacking on fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and antioxidants. Do not try to boost your levels by eating and drinking sugars.

7) Try chewing gum. As strange as this sound studies have shown that gum chewing actually helps people to focus.

If you really want to increase and improve your memory you have to improve concentration. How can you really expect to remember things that you were only paying half attention to in the first place? If you give something your undivided attention you will greatly increase your ability to recall the information at later date and time.


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