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Games have always been considered a form of entertainment, but have often been used to help people learn to improve their memory. In the memory improvement games, below you will find a description of the game and a link to it on our site.
We often add more as we create them, so check back frequently.


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Test your memory recall. In this game, you will be presented with a series of traffic signs. Do your best to memorize everything you can about them without any aids. After 45 seconds has passed – we’ll test your memory recall with a quiz about the signs.



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Memory Matchup Game Thumbnail

Give your memory a workout with this timed memory matchup game. CLICK HERE TO PLAY


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Random Trivia Memory Improvement Game Thumbnail

Trivia is not only educational, it is also a great way to improve your memory. If you try this memory improvement game, be prepared, with close to one thousand questions it’ll be a while before you have all the answers to these questions memorized.
Click Here to Play Random Trivia Games


For rapid and fun to play try Simon – check it out on Amazon.
MATH IN A MINUTE – Sharpens your core skills in two minute workouts. NY TIMES CROSSWORD – Classic puzzle form the New York Times. Updated every Monday. HANGMAN – This classic wordgame will give your brain a good workout. PLAY MATH GAMES WITH POKER – Poker 24 is an intellectual poker game, which tests one’s mathematics skills and nimble thinking. It may have 2 to 4 players. Using the 4 cards on the table, whoever calculates them the fastest to get 24 using any combination of ‘+ – x / ( )’ wins and collects all 4 cards. NUMBER CRUNCHER – Calculate results to train your math skills.

Other Memory Improvement Games Worth Checking Out.

This video will test your ability to focus, which is a key ability to memory improvement.

Most people believe that as we get older our memory gets worse and that memory improvement is impossible. Yet studies show that this is simply not true. Even younger people have trouble remembering things. A lot of it comes down to “PAYING ATTENTION”.

Since I have been dabbling in memory improvement for years and I know that most of my memory issues come from not being in the moment and really focusing on what I’m doing or who I am talking to. Because I have tried various techniques to improve my memory for names and found that focusing on the person and repeating their name back to them at least once can immensely improve your chances of remembering their name later on, and it really is as simple as that.

Here is a video about “Chunking” which helps to narrow your focus on remembering things.

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