Two Memory Improvement Techniques

two - memory improvement techniquesThese two memory improvement techniques are very easy to learn and apply. Anybody can use them to help them to improve their memory. These methods are not only useful for students studying for tests and exams, but for business people trying to learn new material. They are even great for the homemaker trying to remember a shopping list or someone who just wants to build-up the power of their memory.

In this exercise, you are going to try to remember ten different things you might need to buy at the grocery store. The list of things that you might need would look similar to this:

1 eggs
2 milk
3 bread
4 lettuce
5 shampoo
6 dog food
7 dish soap
8 toilet paper
9 mustard
10 butter

The Room Method

In this exercise, you need to have a good imagination. You start by visualizing a room that you are very familiar with. This room might be your kitchen, your office or bedroom it really does not matter. Now you are going to slowly look around the room and carefully place each item on the list somewhere in the room.

Let’s say you were planning to use your kitchen. You might picture the eggs in the fridge. The milk might be sitting beside the eggs. the bread you can see on the counter. Place the dog food on the floor next to the door because you want to take it downstairs. Place each item into the room. The more you practice this method the better you will become at it. What you are trying to do is associate the new items with things that are permanent.

Long Term Memory Improvement Technique

The next technique is better suited to trying to remember things that basically have to be memorized, and kept for a much longer period of time. This method is especially good for people who are a taking a course or trying to learn a new skill.

Many students try to cram all the information given in a course into their heads the night before their final exam. But by using this technique you are going to work at learning and creating long-term memories that will remain with you by only studying a few minutes each day.

First, gather and organize the facts that you need to know after going to a couple of classes. Write them down in point form. Review the list. Reading the list over should not take more than 3 or 4 minutes, tops. Then in about five or ten minutes review them again. Repeat this step three more times on the first day. Do this twice on the second day and twice on the third day. By the fourth day when you read them you should have created a long-term memory of the information.

If you look at the total time you spent reading the list over the four days it should not be more than an hour. And you only have to do this for a couple of minutes each day. By gathering together even the information given in a course over a week you can greatly increase your memory and understanding of the subject, and keep it for the long term. Finally, once you ingrain these two memory improvement techniques into your daily routine there will me no more cramming or last minute anxiety.


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